Hard Day At Work!

Pelle in the treesv

  1. Ok guys! Come on! Lets re-group here! So if you two traverse approx 30 to my skier’s left with approx 10 meter space, and you three to the skier’ss right of me. And spread out more! I am going to ski straight down from here Okej! Ohhh,,, you wanna know why? Ohh because my line is much better!!! See Yaahhah

  2. How’s it going there Pelle, any good snow over there yet ??. I like the new website……very hip !!
    So I hope the three little girls & Mom Ayse are doing well. You will have your hands full when they start skiing…they will be telling you that turns are a sign of fear.
    Thanks for the fantastic ski week with you last winter….it was outstanding.
    Carl Redmond. New York

  3. Hej Carl ! We got lots of snow here in La Grave and in Serre Chevalier, Montgenevre. Lots of skiers are going up through Les Deux Alpes and Dome de la Lauzeto to ski the vallon! There is approx 30 cm of powder snow.
    Great that you like our new web site! We should have the legendary routes up and running soon…
    Ayse and the K3 babies are doing very well (!) Pretty soon they will be skiing but I should be able to keep up for some years to come. The older I get the faster I was! Ski You Later Carl


  4. Hello everybody,
    This is the most snow in December since 1996. Conditions are super, today I skied in Les 7 Laux near Grenoble 30-40 cm of powder all over the place and the base is good. I didn’t hit a rock all day.

  5. Hello Pelle!
    Hope thats everything is ok with your family.
    How is the conditon right now at La Meije?
    Me, Gunnar and my son Anton will come as planned week 4.
    It will be great as ususal!

  6. Hej Anders! Everything is well with the family. The triplets are seven month old now and doing well. Ayse is on the mountain skiing every day either join in my group or skiing with others friends. We have a great snow pack and it will snow more tomorrow until Sunday so your ski week coming up will be awesome as always. Ski You Later,,, Pelle

  7. Hello Ayse and Pelle!
    I peeked at the pictures! The triplets look great!


  8. ok guys..this is serious staff…..I’m going 47.50 meters down there and I’m gonna shoot some great photos of you… for the Greek PUSTI magazine…

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