Fredrik Ericsson dead, Kaltenbrunner abandons K2 summit attempt

In a dramatic and deadly day on K2 it appears that Swedish climber and skier Fredrik Ericsson is dead. He plunged far down K2 when attempting to climb  for the summit with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner. There is a report that he plunged 1000m down the side of the mountain but none of this confirmed yet. It will need Kaltenbrunner to to tell the details of the fatal climbing accident to see what has happened.

The last reported sightings of them were around the bottleneck. No one else has been that far this year. So climbing conditions are totally unknown at that height. These reports are fresh and are from translated German newspapers but all of it appears to be correct.
Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner turned around as soon as Ericsson had the accident. She is now heading back to camp 4 and one would expect that she would continue down the mountain when she is able to. Fortunately, Kaltenbrunner is unharmed.

The weather was far worse when they went out and tackled the bottleneck. They were the only ones to attempt to climb K2 this morning. Fredrik Ericsson wanted to be the first person to ski down K2. His courage and ambition were fantastic. If indeed this has happened then it is a sad day for those that have been following him. Last year his climbing partner Michele Fait died while skiing on K2.

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