Col de la Lauze
Vertical drop: 2000 m
Facing: South
Technical difficulty:

On the backside of La Meije lies a series of 1300 to 1400m vertical descents into the Vallon de la Selle. Some of the routes are wide open bowls that flow on to the valley below and some are steep couloirs that require a rappel in and good route finding skills. Via the col de la Lauze is an itinery that would keep a skier on target.

The top section is a 37° degree pitch that is wide and manageable, if the snow condition is allowable. As any south face aspect the snow transforms day by day, hour by hour, risk of slippping on hardpacked snow, ski very conservative at the top section until the run out of the wider open bowls that flow down to the valley below. The route finding is obvious down the Vallon de la Selle.
Follow the rolling, gentle slopes but keep distance because you are exposed all the way throught out the valley from 1000-1500 m above your head of overhanging glaciers, seracs, avalanches. Keep the left-hand side of the valley if not old avalanche debri blocks the way. The route crosses will finally to the right hand side. You will get to a footbridge, taking you back to the left hand side and then to the village of Saint Christophe.