Couloirs de la Pointe Trifide
Vertical drop: 750 m
Facing: North
Technical difficulty:
Very serious. Risk of slippping on hardpacked snow.

Trifide 0,1,2,3 counted from left to right are very easy to access from P3 3200m. The Trifides couloirs are very serious because they are easy to find and some skiers, ski them down by misstake and the unfortuantly the outcome has been that very serious accidents have happened. It is here that skiers should have most respect skiing La grave/La Meije.

As any couloir the snow transforms day by day, hour by hour, risk of slippping on hardpacked snow, ski very conservative in the top section. Give a lot of space to other (possibly less proficient) skiers, and as in all couloirs, do not fall! The Trifide 1, is the best known, it is easy to see it from the cable car.

The other couloirs are on the left and right sides and are more exposed steep slopes. Trifide 3 has got a good big 10 to 15 meter jump at the exit!. You can bring a long rope. Best would to avoide it. La Grave got much better skiing elsewere. Le Grand Coulior is reachable from the Téléski des Trifides with some hiking/climbing to alt:3450m.