Girose de Gauche
Vertical drop: 2 400 m
Facing: North
Technical difficulty:
Very serious. Exposed traverses. Complex route finding. Need to be stable snow-pack. Crevasses.

This line is the Classic Girose. Start at the top of the second Trifides drag-lift alt:3550m. Ski down directly north in the middle of the glacier, keeping an eye to the Ruillans station and the Muretouse peak equidistant either side of you. Just before a short flatter section, go slightly skiers right hand angle to get to a steeper dome face slope. alt: 2800m.

Keep skiers left just under a higher rock-face with seracs. Ski down this "pleasant slope" 35° to the end of glacier tongue and stop skiers right, just below a rock face that will protect you from avalanche or seracs fall. Carry on through a series of bowls and to a large couloir. Just after the couloir skiers left there are a series of smaller traverses that will take you to a long travers towards a very distinctive square rock called "Rocher Carre" that lies in the middle of a big exposed slope.

Stop right under the rock and rest. Ski down carefully slightly to skiers left, there is a very steep and deep gorge wich you can not see, ski conservative until you see two large larch trees. Ski across with a rope! "Better safe then sorry" to the exit couloir. Finnaly the route ends through a gentle slope above the romanche river. Cross the bridge by the main road.

Some windslabs may form on the traverse just before the couloir; high risk of slipping on hardpacked snow. 30-40°.