Glacier de la Meije/Descente des Enfetchores
Vertical drop: 2 000 m
Facing: North
Technical difficulty: Extrémely serious Complex route finding. Very serious timing is crucial. Serac falls. Crevasses.

Start of with one rappel from the Col de la Meije alt:3357m and skin up the long beutiful travers on the Glacier de la Meije. The route trickles down a hanging glacial tongue, extremlely exposed to serac falls and avalanches.

Timing is crucial. It is only skiable when heavy snow from early in the winter temporarily glued storm snow to a series of glacial lumps. It is a mountaineer´s full meal deal and since they two line ever got skied once they should not really be legendary route because of the danger fact.

The view from the restaurant at 2400 meter is good enough. Skiing Glacier de la Meije is extrémely dangerous. There are more better lines to do in life!