Vallon de la Meije
Vertical drop: 1 800 m from P3 3200m to La Grave 1450m
Facing: North-East
Technical difficulty:Quite difficult Seracs falls are very common.

From Dome de la Lauze. The top part is not too difficult descente if the route is well marked by previous skiers, nice weater and soft snow. Keep going down into the bottom of the moraine, then after another flat part you will need to negotiate a number of small gulleys. Just after you have passed the first larch trees, (Left takes you to P1 1800m) head gradually towards the right-hand bank of the stream to reach the chalet Chal Vachère.

The run carries on down the right-hand bank of the gully, taking you over a long traverse, wich is exposed in parts, up to the pastures at la Lauzette. The route ends (finnaly) at the Romanche bridge 1400m. This is where the Derby de le Meije descends down, right between Clot des Sables and the chalet Chal Vachère.

The Vallons de la Meije par les Enfetchores
The route finding is obvious. Once you are in the valley you are exposed 1000-1500 m above your head of overhanging glaciers. Seracs falls are very common. No pic-nicking! Good timing. Look out for old avalanche debri, death cookies.