Descente des Enfetchores
Vertical drop: 2 000 - 2 300 m
Facing: North
Technical difficulty:Very serious. Steep slopes and exposedtraverses Complex route finding.Crevasses

Start of with one rappel from the Col de la Meije alt:3357m. Travers skiers left, keep high. Be careful of crevasses! You can either skin up another 300 meters to benifit a longer descente down the Enfetchores.

Eventually the slope gets steeper and steeper. You must turn skiers right just before the run out of the glacier tongue. Take it easy! Travers right and leave the glacier until you see a series of snow fields of terrasses/shelfs. Complex route finding that will eventually lead you under the hanging glacier tongue skier left.

Ski under the glacier tongue and turn skiers right until you see a small col. From here you descente under the Glacier de la Meije. We have another flash photo of the descente of des Enfetchores under Glacier de la Meije/ Descente des Enfechores.