Glacier du Tabuchet
Vertical drop: 2 000 m
Facing: North
Technical difficulty: Very serious. Complex route finding. Crevasses

Start of with one rappel from the Col de la Meije alt:3357m and skin up the long beutiful travers on the Glacier de la Meije that will lead you to the climb up to Passage du Serret du Savon at alt:3399m.

You can either stay at Refuge de L´Aigle alt:3450m, or continue down the descente on the Glacier du Tabuchet. Keep skiers right until the very end of the glacier alt:2700m.

Keep high skiers right until you travers a long exposed steep slope.Be carful not to cut the slope to far below. Terrain-trapes. The rest of the run is easy down to the tunnel from La Grave.