Making every meter count!

After one day in Lima due to a national strike we finally made it to Huaraz where we met up with the rest of the crew. After some acclimatisation time we hiked into the Ishinca valley to get ready for our first mission – climbing and skiing down 2 peaks for the Summits4kids project.

After setting up basecamp, dining on Peru´s famous “tucha” (trout) and organizing all our gear we hiked up to moraine camp at 4900m the next day where we enjoyed some incredible sunset in a stunning mountain range.

The next day we got up at 3am and started to hike up Ishinca, after 1 hour of rock scramble we put on our crampons and bootpacked all the way to the top reaching it at 7.30am. After some summit pics we skied down, passing some surprised looking mountaineers.

Once back at the camp we packed our gear and kept on going down to basecamp. Unfortunately the weather was too bad to summit our 2nd peak, Tocllaraju, so we returned back to Huaraz. Now we need to decide what mountain will be next, which is a hard decision as the Cordillera Blanca is full of stunning peaks with a lot of interesting faces to ski.

Unfortunately I cannot upload any pics here so check the blog at the summits4kids website.


 Many young Peruvians have a difficult start to life. To help these kids! We will climb and ski the summits of TOCLLARAJU (6032m), ARTESONRAJU (6025m) and ISHINCA (5530m) in the Cordillera Blanca, the second highest mountain chain in the world. You can help.

For every metre we climb you can make a donation towards our two selected charities. CETA in Cajamarca – an open centre for socially deprived children and adolescents whose lifes are often marked by separation, loss and violence. Casa de Acogida in Cajamarca – at any time of day and night, this centre is a haven to young individuals in emergency situations. We are doing what we do best, so the kids in Peru can be treated like children should be – with care.

Please, let’s all give a little because a little makes a big difference. 


Making every meter count!




  1. Support
  2. Climbing and ski mountains in order to help the kids starting a good life it’s the main goal of our Peru project. 3 girls on a mission, support us!
  3. Donate! Because even a little make the difference! 

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