Third Day … ”K2-Women’s Movement Week”

Skills and skiing from Skier’s Lodge’s front door step were on the agenda for today. A few clouds and snow flurries kept the crowds away. The upper slopes were hard-packed, smooth and mysteriously empty. While yesterday the K2 Phat Luv’s seemed to be the ski of the day for powder, today the Outlaw came into its own on the hard pack. We took a run in the Couloir le Lac. Many of the chutes and gullies which typically require a fiddly sideslip entry or stepping in over rocks and ice even an abseil can be skied right into this season. Snow depth and coverage is exceptional and it’s only February!  In the afternoon we ran through a session of crevasse rescue, problem solving our way around ski anchors and clove hitches, alpine clutches and z-pulleys, until the cold northerly wind chased us inside.

Slide captions:


Lin Heffner carving it up in the Couloir le Lac.

And Lin Heffner sorting out a dropped loop crevasse rescue system. 

Lisa Auer Mountain and Ski Guide

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