Heli-Skiing in Lapland, Sweden! In the land of the midnight sun,
also known as Europe’s last wilderness

Lapland is a region in Northern Sweden. It is also known as Europe’s last wilderness. It offers some of the best and wildest heli-skiing in Europe. No regulations, no concessions. You can land anywhere and offers magnificent heli-skiing in the land of the mid night sun.

The Abisko alpes is situated at altitude “68 degree North” and 200km above the artic circle. It is located 90km away from the Norwegian coastal mountain range with exposure of both maritime and inland temperature with different micro-climate as result. The snow have a different texture than the alpes and sticks to the mountain faces and but the cold artic exposure of temperature makes the snow stay dry from the cold.

The magic arctic mountain landscape provide us with great variety of skiing around in the Abisko Alps and the glaciated alpine region of Kebnekaise. With more than 100 unique peaks that reaches to 2000 meters with a vertical drop from 600-1450 meters of skiing on big open slopes, long glacier cruising, and steep ride-able terrain!

The summits in the region are not particularly high compared to the Alpes but the runs are surprisingly long. The average are around 800 vertical meters with some are respectable 1,400 vertical meters. Nearby the lodge stretches the mountain range of “the Abisko Alps”, with runs from 500 to 800 vertical meters. The peaks of Tjåmahus, Keron and others are reached in just five minutes flight away from the lodge. A bit further is the Kåtotjåkka mountains area with runs up to 1,000 vertical meters, further on the Nallo/Sielmatjåkka with runs up to 1,400 vertical meters. Last but not least, we are also able to offer trips to Kebnekaise massif with runs up to 1,400 vertical meters. We often discover that little something extra on our trips – new runs and perhaps even new areas to ski.

From some peaks it is possible to ski 360º degrees from the top of the peak and in varied terrain up to 40 º degrees in steepness. You can ski cold powder sheltered north/east facing slope or great spring snow on sun exposed west/south facing slope depending on timing, aspect and clear weather cycles. If you are based in Europe and want to heli-ski without traveling half way around the planet, Sweden is both convenient and practical for either a week or an extended weekend! With a helicopter at your disposal, good skiing conditions can almost always be found.

Heli-skiing program with Skierslodge/Guideservice and co-operation with Abisko Mountain Lodge / Heli-Ski Operator . All our guides are UIAGM/IFMGA with vast experience in the heli-skiing industry. We fly with the EC 130 B4 Eurocopter and AS 350 B1 Eurocopter. Our pilots have solid experience and have flown with us for many years. We customize the trip with you and make all the arrangements. This is your trip and a true adventure of a lifetime.

Our heli-ski base in Abisko Mountain Lodge, located about 200 km above the arctic circle, is the perfect base for heli-skiing into the Abisko Alps, Kåtotjåkka, Nallo/Sielmatjåkka mountains and the Kebnekaise area. Abisko Mountainlodge is a cosy ski lodge with a breathtaking view. In the front of the lodge, stretches the mountains of the Abisko Alps. You will experience solitude and absolute wilderness.

The Abisko Mountainlodge is run by Dick and Mina, a couple devoted tho their lodge and clients. They run it as a traditional Swedish mountain lodge hotel with personal service and local products. The helicopter pad is just outside the door.

On DOWN-DAYS we can do ski touring, skiing in ski-resort Rikgränsen, Björkliden and Narvik, dog sledding, snowmobiling and rib-boating on the fjords of Norway.

Price Includes - Terms & Conditions

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• Full Board Standard Accommodation,  Twin Room
• Breakfast, Lunch 3 Course Dinner, Free Coffee&Tea.
• Lunch/Picknick (warm food) at the lodge or outside in the nature depending on weather.
• 3, 4 or 6 days with guide service by UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide.
• 3, 4, or 10 Hours heli-skiing.
• Ski Touring or Resort Skiing with Guide on DOWN-DAYS.
• Guide accommodation and food.
• Use of Airbags, Avalanche Transceivers, Shovel, Backpack.
• Sauna and one night “free of charge” in wood-fired hot tub.

• Addition of one Single room occupancy for the fifth person (250 kronor per night).
• Beverage.
• Flight or other travel.
• Transfers from/to Kiruna
• Ski-pass (the goal is to go heli ski every day).
• Off-Piste Insurance (Recommended).
• Additional helicopter time (Charged per hour of flying time/ group).
• Local Ground Transportation within Abisko and to surrounding ski areas (Minibus).
• On DOWN/DAYS. Dog sledding, snowmobiling and rib boating on the fjords of Norway.

Vertical guarantee and refund:
The Accommodation is not refundable. The Guide Fees is not refundable.
Option:1 The first flight hour is not refundable. The rest is 100 % refundable.
Option:2 The first flight hour is not refundable. The rest is 100 % refundable.
Option:3 The first 3 flight hours are not refundable. The rest is 100 % refundable.
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Note: Off-Piste insurance is included on your daily lift-pass if given to you by member of staff in the hotel des alpes reception when skiing in La Grave – La Meije. After passing through the lift-ticket-scanner at the botttom of the lift station, the insurance will electronically be valid and registered by TGM. If your guide and group decide to ski elsewhere to other surrounding ski area then La Grave i.e. ”Alp d’ Huez, Serre Chevalier, Montgenevre”.

It is possible for an extra charge to the liftpass fee – an off-piste insurance coverage! (A Carré/Carte Neige is instantly recognised by the French rescue and medical services and so any rescue costs incurred are automatically covered (i.e. you do not need to pay up front and claim back later))

In general a Carte Neige and a valid UK EHIC should be sufficient for most on-snow related accidents costs, but medical costs are not extensive and it should not be seen as a replacement for insurance cover.

Valid travel insurance is still recommended! Please check your emergency medical evacuation and repatriation insurance coverage policy for trip cancellation or interruption of ski holiday, for any reimburses of travel costs and ski package during your stay due to sickness or injury.[/ult_tab][ult_tab title=”How to get here” active=””]

By air: SAS operate flights to Kiruna, Sweden. We can help you make group bookings or you can book flights at www.sas.se There are also flights to Narvik/Evenes in Norway please visit www.norwegian.se Please ask us if you need further information.

By rail: SJ operates train services from Stockholm to Abisko (www.sj.se). Disembark at Abisko Östra. The train stops just a couple of hundred meters from the Lodge and you’ll easily find us by following the signposts. If you have a lot of luggage, you can arrange to be collected. Please call in advance to make arrangements


Facts Abisko

Organiser: Skiers Lodge Guide Service Ltd & Abisko Mountain Lodge. For further information about the Abisko/Heli-Skiing in Lapland please contact us at: info@skierslodge.com

Option 1: Thursday to Sunday
– Long Ski Weekend 4 Night Stay
Total of four guests per group:
Price Per Person 21 903 SEK per person
Total of five guests per group:
Price Per Person 18 789 SEK per person<

Option 2: Sunday to Thursday
– Mid Ski Week 5 Night Stay
Total of four guests per group:
Price Per Person 28 676 SEK per person
Total of five guests per group:
Price Per Person 24 525 SEK per person

Option 3: Saturday to Saturday
– The full week option 7 Night Stay
Total of four guests per group:
Price Per Person 59 235 SEK per person
Total of five guests per group:
Price Per Person 49 606 SEK

Red = Low Season Price

2019.12.28 to 2020.01.04   Week 1
2020.01.04 to 2020.01.11   Week 2
2020.01.11 to 2020.01.18   Week 3
2020.01.18 to 2020.01.25   Week 4
2020.01.25 to 2020.02.01   Week 5
2020.02.01 to 2020.02.08   Week 6
2020.02.08 to 2020.02.15   Week 7
2020.02.15 to 2020.02.22   Week 8
2020.02.22 to 2020.02.29   Week 9
2020.02.29 to 2020.03.07   Week 10
2020.03.07 to 2020.03.14   Week 11
2020.03.14 to 2020.03.21   Week 12
2020.03.21 to 2020.04.28   Week 13 
2020.03.28 to 2020.04.04   Week 14
2020.04.04 to 2020.04.11   Week 15
2020.04.11 to 2020.04.18   Week 16
2020.04.18 to 2020.04.25   Week 17