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        • Road Tripping in Piedmont Region, Italy
        • On our mission ”On A Never Ending Search For Powder” is to explore other resorts in the Piedmont Region in Italy with their steeps, deeps and marvelous trees.


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        • Prepare for different skiing conditions; fresh powder skiing, skiing in the stable spring corn snow, which is perfect for steep and extreme skiing and more exposed lines than you normally find where avalanches are more likely. Our vertical drop is up to 1500m or approximately 5000 ft. in the unbelievable Arctic mountains.

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Skiers Lodge in Chile:

Co-Operation between Skierlodge/Guideservice and Ski Guide Sami Ferrari based in El Colorado, Chile. South America

GET, Deep and Steep Skiing In the Andean Backcounry skiing with Ski Guide Sami Ferrari, a co-operation with Skier Lodge La Grave. Feel the thrill of freeride skiing in the Chilean Andes, not far from the second highest mountain range in the world. Arrive in Chile in the morning, ski in the Andes mountains in the afternoon! The Santiago International airport is only a 45 minute drive from the resort ! The Southern hemisphere doesn’t have the big resorts and infrastructure for the wintersports. It is very exclusive, not a mass sports like in the Norhern hemisphere!

European and North American teams come and train on the South American slopes because the conditions are very good and the resorts well equiped. At present time, the South American resorts are know as training areas for Alpine teams during the summer months. We would like to change this and show the passionate free ride skier what the ski terrain has to offer besides the slopes! In the connected resorts “3 Valles” you can find a huge number of free ride runs! These runs are all accesible with skilifts and some traversing. The average snowfall is 7m per season in 3 Valles. Knowing that a season in Chile is 3 to 4 months , this means around 2m snow per month!! The pacific ocean is very near the coastal the mountain range 3 Valles with exposure of both maritime and colder inland temperature and gives the result of very dry powder that last days after the lastest snowfall!

You should be an advanced skier and able to ski black and double black ski area runs with control and confidence with good technique on all terrain and snow conditions. You do not have to be an expert/pro skier. No ski mountaineering experience is required but if you have experience the guides can provide plenty of challenges for even the most accomplished expert skier. The resorts have various runs, from easy free ride runs to more engaged runs. We work with different guides so we can divide groups per level. The first day skiing will be about orientation and determinating groups per ski level.

The 3 Valles is a combination of 3 different resorts; El Colorado, Valle Nevado and La Parva. The resorts are only 45 minutes from the Chilean capital Santiago so after a long flight, you only have a short transfer to the resorts! The Skiers Lodge is situated in El Colorado. The 7 day skiing week begins on monday and ends sunday, the 10 day skiing week also begins monday but ends wednesday. If you arrive early or leave later, NO problem. Just let us know and we can book extra nights at Skiers Lodge.
For all persons with a special request (different dates or guide request) please contact us. e-mail ferrarisamy@gmail.com or pelle@skierslodge.com


The Skiers Lodge – Mirador Farellones, Chile

The Skiers Lodge is situated in El Colorado. We offer half board accommodation at the lodge Mirador Farellones only 20 meters from the slopes. This comfortable lodge caters for only 8 perssons. Both breakfast and dinner will be served here. We will have lunch on the slopes every day so for those who prefer a pic-nic, you can find a mini market in the resort to buy lunch.[custom_frame_right][/custom_frame_right] In the apartment you will be welcomed with a nice bottle of Chilean wine (one bottle for 2 guests) and softdrinks will be provided by us (0.5 l /person/day). The tapwater is drinkable so you can fill up your bottle for the day skiing! The first night of the trip will be celebrated with a Chilean style bbq on the balcony of the apartment!! I you don’t eat meat, please let us know (in South America every meal! is with meat). We provide all the bedlinnen and at the end of your stay a cleaning lady will prepare the apartment for the next guests. This is all included in the price.

Owner and Head Guide

[custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left]Sami Ferrari Certified Ski and Snowboard Instructor since 2003 (BEES I), North American Heliskiing Guide ASMG Level II, FFS 2nd Degree, AIARE II in Crevasse rescue and snow and avalanche knowledge. Specializes in “freeride” and “heli-skiing”. Sami is raised in La Grave (’89-’98) but moved to Chamonix (’98-’07) to work with some of the best instructors and mountain guides in the Alps! We from the Skiers Lodge know Sami back in the days when he was only 13 years old and tail guiding with us in La Grave-La Meije. Today, he also runs two shops in a French resort called Vaujany with over 2000 vertical of Off-Piste terrain. During the summer he enjoys the fresh powder Chile has to offer! Languages : English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Resort facts

[tab title=”El Colorado / Farellones”]
The El Colorado / Farellones ski resort opened to the public in 1948. It is the oldest resort in Chile!
They have 2 snow parks, one in El Colorado and one in Farellones. The snow park in Farellones stays open till 9 o’clock during the weekend for night skiing.

This resort offers quite a lot of free ride runs with very easy acces. The “Cono Este” Runs are just next to the slopes so you can ride powder and get back up by the skilifts! The “Santa Teresita” face is also accessable by lift and a short traverse. The face is 8 km long so even if it didn’t snow for a week, we can still find nice first track runs!! To return from these runs, we take a taxi (included in the price!) back to the resort.

a: Wide Open
b: Santa I
c: Santa II
d: Santa III
e: Moay I
f: Moay II
g: Moay III,
h: Moay IV
i: Moay V
j: Moay VI
k: Moay VII
l: Moay VIII
m: Super “S”
n: Greys coal
o: Casa de Piedra I
p: Casa de Piedra II
q: Casa de Piedra III
r: Falsa Embudo I
s: Falsa Embudo II

[clear] [/tab]
[tab title=”Valle Nevado”]
1988 is the year of the official opening of the Andes resort Valle Nevado.
The resort is built at the altitude of 3000 meters. That makes it one of highest resorts in the world!
They have a snow park with more then 20 modules for all level freestylers. Last year they even had a big air with an airbag landing to practise the most crazy tricks!

And just look at the pistemap what free ride runs you have in this resort!
a: Tres Puntas I,
b: Tres Puntas II,
c: Valle Del Inca I,
d: Valle Del Inca II,
e: Valle Del Inca III,
f: Valle Olympico
[clear] [/tab]
[tab title=”La Parva”]
This modern resort was build in 1953 and has one of the longest slopes in the Southern hemisphere, 2.4 km.
A lot of racing teams come and train in this resort because the slopes are very well prepared!
For the free ride fans, La Parva is another paradise! With runs like “The Face”, “Mcconckey couloir” and “The Chimeney” you walk for 15 minutes, have a beautifull view over Santiago and the Andes mountains while you ski down one of the most famous South American runs!

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