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Ski Touring

La Grave and the surrounding area is an ideal mountain base for ski touring. Some of the classic alpine tours can be accessed within a simple one hour hike up into the most spectacular terrain.

The tours are too numerous to mention individually, but several are too exceptional not to be mentioned: Tours de la Meije, Enfetchores… The high altitude glaciers ensure good snow conditions all year round.

April and May can offer exceptional days and powder falls are not as rare as you might imagine. Good spring snow can invariably be found down to the lift station at 1 800m. Whether your motivation is to climb summits or to reach good skiing, the possibilities are endless for randonée tours in the National Park. Ski touring can be enjoyed at many levels but as soon you move above alpine elevation, it is essential that you appreciate the severity of the environment.

We suggest that unless you are a local experienced winter mountaineer, you employ the services of a qualified high mountain guide. All our rental K2 skis will have AT touring bindings mounted, the Marker Duke with skins.

Snowboarding in La Grave

We have learnt through the years not to try to mix skiers and snowboarders in same group. The guided lines and routes are different along with the traverses in the domain area of La Meije and makes it very complex to guide and keep the same pace!

Guiding to individual snowboarders cannot be guaranteed at the normal classic standard ski week price package. The charge will depend on the specific demand for that week since we will not be mixing boarders with skiers unless a group of friend wish to do so. If your level is ”expert/pro” rider and has mastered the art of snowboarding and the board feels like an extension of your body at speed, on steeps and exposed terrain and able facing long traverses or any numbers of obstacles. Have long backcountry experience with touring, hiking with split board you should be encouraged to join our guided groups at any day or week.

If we do not manage to have our own snowboard group for you to join in at the lodge it is possible to book a week staying with us! We are trying our best to fit in individual ”advanced” snowboarder into our classic/standard ski week and this year we outsource to other guides service in La Grave that specialize on pure snowboard groups. It is possible to join their guided group during certain days or the full week! The guide will also be snowboarding to keep the same pace when traversing and finding great lines. Bring you split board since we offer daily touring.

If you -do not exceed skill level – Riders who are not competent in areas ungroomed or previously ridden in should not attempt to ride there until improvement is made.

Snowboarders are encouraged to contact us at their earliest convenience.

Ice Climbing

One of the best ice climbing areas in the whole of France is in the Oisans Region, between Bourg d´Oisans and La Grave. In the immediate vicinity, just west of La Grave on the RN 91 is Malaval.

This is a major area with numerous cascades on either side of the road, varying from 40 meters to 600 meters in length and grade IV to VI in difficulty. Approach times of 2 minutes to 1 hour provide further alternatives, if that be needed.

The climbs are too numerous to mention individually, but several are quite outstanding. Moulins (V) and Caturgens (V) are both 600 meters, the longest in France. Pride of the place for difficulty must go to La Pisse (250 VI) which we believe has only been climbed once in 1985.. From St Christophe, the Vallon de Diable is accessible in 2 to 3 hours with big serious routes. Our guides will be pleased to arrange 2 – 6 days program, from beginners to advanced.

Custom & Road Trips To Other Geographic Locations

We also offer custom off-piste tours, ski touring and heli-skiing to other geographic location and resorts.

Free-Riding the Pic du Midi in the Pyrenees, France
Excursion – Road Tripping in Piedmont Region, Italy
Heli-Skiing in Alta Val Susa, Italy
Heli-Skiing in Siglufjörður, Iceland
All the mountain guides have local knowledge! Tempted ?